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Early Bird: DPchallenge

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Early Bird.”

The coastal skies have been so overcast these early spring mornings that I’ve not happened upon any interesting new photo shoots, but I’m anticipating that soon my favorite, ‘early bird’ native plant will again appear in the rough, coastal scrub grass environment around my house. That would be “Hookers Evening Primrose.” Its gorgeous yellow, five petal flowers open like a faerie presence–new ones almost every two or three evenings–from May till September. The fragrance is so delicate and fresh in the very early morning, you need to almost pollinate it with your nose to truly smell it.  Alas, as soon as the sun burns through the fog, blossoms that might be only a day or two old will begin to wilt and die.  Beauty can be so ephemeral.

Hooker's Evening Primrose, 3 new faerie arrivals last night!

Hooker’s Evening Primrose, 3 new faerie arrivals last night!


Evening Primroses, where some have already yielded to a day’s sun and wind. If our newer faerie arrivals can last but a bit longer, they’ll be refreshed by gallant, if homely lovers, the Night Moths.


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