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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

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Scaling Grandma McCabe Redwood–Largest in Mendocino County, CA

13 members of the California Native Plants Society join hands to encircle the largest first-growth redwood tree in our county, near the Gualala River.  We roughly triangulated (using hand-levels and tape) the height, and it clocked in at about 350 ft. high.


Rameses Tomb, along Nile River in Egypt


Rameses Tomb sculpture

Rameses Tomb was relocated to this new site before filling the new, Aswan High Dam on the Nile River in early fifties, to prevent its being inundated by the reservoir waters.  Each piece of the tomb and sculptures was mapped, numbered, sawn into manageable pieces, and transported, to be reassembled at its new location above the reservoir.

I was a geotechnical engineer assigned during the eighties to do a performance evaluation of the instruments installed in the dam during construction.  It  was wonderful to be able to tour the site while I was there, and note the magnificent scale and grandeur of the tomb structure.


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