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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shadowed.”

Thinking of our new photo theme, “Shadowed,” it can sometimes prompt a certain sense of apprehension, perhaps in  cloaking  some object or scene that has drawn our attention.  Shadowing is almost like a physical presence as it physically moves with time across our view, dimming or perhaps  obliterating color, causing us to almost lose some perception of depth in our field of view.

The first photo of a darkening, rocky coastline  is of that sort.  The second photo presenting a shaft of sunlight entering a room shows a shadowing effect that dramatizes boundary effects between light and darkness.  In extreme light, color becomes washed out, and in extreme shadow any color is cloaked in darkness.  Notice how in the transition area between light and darkness, color is at its richest in saturation.

And finally, to remove the solemnity of shadowing discussions, we have a possible crowd pleaser, the charming cat photograph, which few can grumble over (I hope).  Here, my cat Tock creeps out of the obscuring shadows to “startle” his House Mate.  (Alas, Tock is no longer with me; he disappeared months later I’m sad to say)>


Bedrock fragments in surf at twilight


Room of an abandoned house with sunlight entering an empty window.

Tock Block

A rare, gray calico panther creeps out of the shadows


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

  1. I like all 3 photographs, and the addition of Tock’s photo to the shadow photo submission 🙂


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