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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow!

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”

Thinking about our theme, I remembered a mood of festivities and music with a vibrant, orangey yellow, like the Naples Yellow  in a litho-print I did of a French country music duo playing at a California north coast Abalone Festival some years ago.  I designed the block print from some pencil sketches I did at the festival.  It was a wonderful, music-filled afternoon on a grassy meadow near the oceanfront.  For those of you who don’t know what an abalone is, the second image will give you some idea.  The abalone uses its massive foot muscle to lock onto an underwater rock surface, where it spends its life feeding on marine plants.  Snorkel divers use a metal bar to pry the abalone loose.  The abalone must measure at least seven inches across to be a legal catch.  The foot muscle is sliced into steaks, and needs to be pounded to relax the tissue before sauteing, which includes searing them only a few seconds on a side.  The result is a fantastically delicious delicacy.  At the festival, up to a dozen cooks compete at various food stands to produce prize-winning abalone dishes in several categories.  Bon appetite!



My blogging partner has been called away on family care service, and so our blog could be a little erratic in coming weeks.


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