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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

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Korea crew

We all seem to have a desire to post some sort of sign that we’ve been by this way, something as simple as initials carved on a tree or boulder, or a photo showing we visited some special place or other, or in an artistic creation like a painting or sculpture we made.

Here is a fleeting attempt to give some artistic expression to a journey eight of us U.S. Air Force members made in transit to our bomber base in Japan via an RAF base (Mildenhall) in England at the beginning of the Korean War.  Just a crude hand-printed sign, but it set the stage for some long memories.

The young guy in the rear row at the extreme left is one of the two bloggers for this site.  Young at that time!


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  1. this is an awesome post for “signs”! thank you for your service to our country and it won’t be long til Thanksgiving 2014. Lots to be thankful for, thanks to the service of our armed forces…


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