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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Looking out from the dark interior of an old building, through musty window panes, and onto a blazing finale of autumn plants.  Life becomes more contemplative each year, and all the earlier years become refracted through the lens of this one more closing of a day.

Dia anseo isteach–God inside this house–an Irish blessing on entering a house.

baarnwindow3 barnwindow1 barnwindow2



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy Baby

IMG_0933Well being a new grand mother of a lively 16 month old precious baby girl when she winds down and goes to sleep she sure can look like she is in “Dreamy Land”!!!  She is truly a Dreamy come true!!!  Love that baby girl….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Korea crew

We all seem to have a desire to post some sort of sign that we’ve been by this way, something as simple as initials carved on a tree or boulder, or a photo showing we visited some special place or other, or in an artistic creation like a painting or sculpture we made.

Here is a fleeting attempt to give some artistic expression to a journey eight of us U.S. Air Force members made in transit to our bomber base in Japan via an RAF base (Mildenhall) in England at the beginning of the Korean War.  Just a crude hand-printed sign, but it set the stage for some long memories.

The young guy in the rear row at the extreme left is one of the two bloggers for this site.  Young at that time!