Graphic Arts and Celtic DNA

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime


The enchantment of a tree house nested high in the crown of a wild, coastal cyprus can send nighttime chills through a poet’s spine.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Lots to Endure for newborns and their parents.  The first year there is so much to learn and the rest of the years are the “Wonder Years”!  Life is fleeting and we need to savor every moment and enjoy and endure it all… Don’t sweat the small stuff cause the big stuff can get too big if you sweat the small stuff!!!  I’m guilty and it makes things tougher than it should!  Life is Good…Enjoy it all!!!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Celtic Monoliths in Northern Ireland

Celtic Monoliths in Northern Ireland

Shrine on Tory

Marian shrine on Tory Is., Ireland

Contemplating our week’s topic of Humanity, and sorting through my photographs taken when coming and going from job sites as an engineer, I notice I’m always interested in people’s quest for spiritual solace in their lives.  The top two photos reflect artistic expressions of that quest.

In other photos, I love seeing expressions of optimism and resilience in the faces of children facing tough lives ahead in their economically challenged homelands.  The bottom two reflect that sort of appeal for me.

Family in Andes

Family Outing in Andes Mts.


Wood Forager

Wood Forager in Peru



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DPChallenge Post: Adventure

IMG_0340 IMG_0307 IMG_0345I’m not the world traveler but from the NE GA Mountains to Northern CA…I did travel that far this year!!! Airplane and all quite an adventure for me. The plane ride was the easy part, navigating the airport was the tough part. Once in CA it was a different world from one part of CA to another. Seeing family I haven’t seen in 25 years was GREAT!!!! Seeing family I’ve never seen was a real treat!!! Its amazing how one part of a state can change so much and how different one state to another is so different as well. My Southern accent was easily recognized but it is what it is and I don’t expect it will change now! Hope to make the trip again and see some other sights….lots to see and it was all great!!!!

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Dialogue: Sisters


Sisters in the new generation in Georgia mountains




Sisters, mothers, grandmothers and aunts from 2 generations. As time goes let us Carry On!! These Southern Belles come from a long line of a family of 13 lots of “Dialogue” there!! :-







Older generation of 13 siblings born on Georgia cotton farm



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Thinking about this week’s photo topic, Dialogue, and how two companion photographs can set up a dialogue in the viewer’s mind that builds on the proximity.  An 1800s abandoned ranch house and an overgrown pioneers’ cemetery here on the northern California coast sets a dialogue:  Whether it all began as told in Genesis, or in the Big-Bang, gravity eventually pulls it all down and back to some origin.